Brian Windhorst On Allen Iverson’s Hypothetical 43 Points Today: “You Only Shot 42%”


Over the past few years, several players have been popping up on TV, social media and other platforms, speculating on how they’d perform in today’s NBA. Now, Philadelphia 76ers icon Allen Iverson has joined that mix.

Iverson was a four-time scoring champion and was notoriously one of the toughest players to guard during his playing days. Talking about how he would fare in today’s game, he boldly claimed he’d average 43 points per game.



It’s easy to see where players like Iverson are coming from, considering today’s game features less physicality, more spacing, and higher scoring numbers. However, not everyone agrees with these bold and wild predictions.

Renowned NBA insider Brian Windhorst is one such skeptic. He doubts Iverson could reach 43 points today, arguing that, among other factors, Iverson wouldn’t receive enough touches to get to this benchmark due to his lack of shooting efficiency.


“AI would not be afforded to have as much of a control of the offense in today’s game if he wasn’t a more efficient player… I don’t think they’d give him the ball as much because if you only shot 42%, you wouldn’t be allowed to take 26 shots a game.”


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