Former Spurs Studio Host Cordell Patrick Survives Insane Ejection From RV Crash Onto Southern California Freeway


“I do know how I am alive by the grace of God,”


Former ESPN sportscaster and studio host for San Antonio Spurs on KSAT-TV, Cordell Patrick However, survived a distressing incident that unfolded earlier this week, on January 15, 2024.

Patrick considers himself incredibly fortunate to have survived after being ejected from the window of an RV and landing on a bustling California freeway. He attributes his miraculous escape to divine intervention, as his situation was perilously close to being fatal.



“I had just unbuckled my seat belt. It was only unbuckled for five seconds,” Patrick said. “I noticed my wife had dozed off, so instead of going straight, we were headed toward the median. I tried grabbing the steering wheel, but before I could grab it we already had impact.”


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