Bradley Beal Reacts To NBA Analyst Who Called Kyrie Irving A ‘Bradley Beal With A Ring’

Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty Images

Bradley Beal Reacts To NBA Analyst Who Called Kyrie Irving A ‘Bradley Beal With A Ring’


As Kyrie Irving’s resume speaks for himself, NBA analyst Nick Wright took shots at Irving for speaking like somebody he wasn’t, following his recent comments that were perceived as an indirect insult to now-Lakers superstar LeBron James.

Wright, a known LeBron fan, blasted Irving during an episode of ‘First Things First’.


“We could say that if not for LeBron James, Kyrie is just a less-interesting Gilbert Arenas without the 29 points-per-game season,” Wright said.

“Listen, I’m happy for ‘Bradley Beal with a ring,’ but that’s what Kyrie is but he thinks he’s someone else,” Wright said.



While being a ‘Bradley Beal a ring’ doesn’t sound too bad since Beal has been balling out in the past few years, Wright made it sound like an insult as if Beal isn’t one of the most polarizing NBA players of today, who just averaged 30.5 points per game this season.

Ultimately, the Wizards shooting guard wasn’t pleased with how Wright initially used his name to criticize Irving. Beal raised his concern on Twitter, saying Wright’s comments had nothing to do with him. After sharing a response, the two personalities reached a resolution eventually. 


“@getnickwright what y’all talked about today has got ZERO to do with me, my character or my game. There’s only one other person named Bradley Beal in this world and that’s my son!”



“I hear you, it was tough to gauge off your transition. All love”


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