Bradley Beal Considered The Miami Heat Before Contract Extension, Holds Team In ‘High Regard’

Photo Credit: Brian Sevald/Getty Images

Bradley Beal Considered The Miami Heat Before Contract Extension, Holds Team In ‘High Regard’


Bradley Beal has been playing for the Washington Wizards since the 2012-13 NBA season. Last year, the 26-year old shooting guard decided to sign a two-year, $72 million contract extension to continue his tenure with the team.

But before agreeing to the extension, Beal apparently was swaying elsewhere. The Wizards star was reportedly so frustrated of losing, that he considered joining the Miami Heat before committing to the Wizards.

Per the Miami Herald:


“Beal has repeatedly said he’s committed to the Wizards, but expressed frustration with losing last season and told me that he considered the Heat before committing long-term to Washington last October,” the Miami Herald’s Barry Jackson wrote. “He holds the Heat in high regard.”


Beal has been under scrutiny because of his contract extension. While Beal certainly deserves a raise, many fans concern that the struggling Wizards may only waste Beal’s prime years.

Even so, Wall’s injury has been a drawback for Beal and the franchise. The All-Star point guard has been out of the game since December of 2018, and the front office has been unable to fill the void that he has left in place. The Wizards are enduring a second straight losing season in spite of Beal’s All-Star caliber of play as a result.

Wall’s possible return next (or possibly this) season could turn things around, but there’s no guarantee that the Wizards will be much of a threat. Their best year came in 2017 where the Wizards topped 49 wins and were a one-win away from making the Eastern Conference Finals.

If Beal thinks the Wizards still lack a true direction, he can opt out of his contract in the summer of 2022 and be eligible for free agency. The Heat with Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo would still be an intriguing free agency destination for Bradley Beal by then.

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