Boris Diaw On Why He Left The NBA To Play In France

Photo Credit: Chris Elise

Boris Diaw On Why He Left The NBA To Play In France


He is a 14-year NBA veteran, a coffee lover, NBA Champion, and one of the NBA’s most entertaining men. Now, after 1064 games, Diaw has decided to go home and sign with French team Paris-Levallois.

The man who had an espresso machine built into his locker in San Antonio, explained in a video why he decided to return home (The video has English subtitles for the non French speakers).



“I found it very motivating to take part in a project such as this one within a French basketball club. This decision wasn’t about the money, it was about joining a club that could benefit from my presence, where I could help guide and teach the young players.”


This doesn’t mean that Diaw won’t ever play in the NBA again. According to Adrian Wojnarowski, the deal with Paris-Levallois includes an NBA out and Diaw also said that he wanted to stay in shape, and play on a high level, to possibly join an NBA team closer to the end of the new season and possibly the playoffs.

So it could be that come next March, his phone will ring and Gregg Popovich is on the line, trying to recruit him for the post season.

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