Boban Marjanovic Gifted Free Chicken To Clippers Fans By Purposely Missing Free Throw


In a season where the unexpected became the norm, Boban Marjanovic, the towering center for the Houston Rockets, added a delightful twist to the NBA narrative. In what was an otherwise standard end-of-season game against the Los Angeles Clippers, with both team’s final seed already set, Marjanovic turned the match into a memorable event for the fans at Arena.

With the Rockets comfortably ahead and the game winding down, Marjanovic stepped up to the free-throw line. The stakes were low for the teams but high for the fans; a long-standing promotion promised free Chick-fil-A sandwiches if a visiting player missed two consecutive free throws in the fourth quarter. Understanding the moment’s potential for joy, Boban did something extraordinary — he missed, intentionally.

The crowd erupted in cheers, not for the points scored, but for the free chicken earned, all thanks to Marjanovic’s intentional miss. The former Clipper, known for his affable nature and fan-friendly demeanor, had once again proven why he is one of the most beloved figures in the league.



As the season comes to a close, Marjanovic’s future remains uncertain with free agency on the horizon. However, one thing is clear: wherever he goes, the love and admiration from fans are sure to follow. 

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