Bill Simmons Thinks Warriors Want To Pay Andrew Wiggins And Jordan Poole Over Draymond Green

Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

Bill Simmons Thinks Warriors Want To Pay Andrew Wiggins And Jordan Poole Over Draymond Green


Draymond Green is an instrumental piece for the Golden State Warriors and has made his mark as one of the team’s cornerstones. However, it’s obvious that Green, while being an impactful player, has had a ton of rough patches over the past few years.

This has now contributed to the idea of whether keeping Green in the long run is the right option for the Warriors. Given also that teammates Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole are expected to go for a bigger contract after this season.

As contract competition between Green, Wiggins and Poole continues to be become a popular topic, renowned NBA analyst Bill Simmons thinks that the Warriors are leaning on signing Wiggins and Poole over their four-time NBA champion. 


“Here’s the thing. I think they’ve been through this rodeo with him a bunch of times and I think they were trying to figure out how to manage it and hope it never got too bad and hope it never blew up. I was of the opinion that it was 50-50. No real insight info on this, but I think they wanna pay Wiggins. I think they wanna pay Poole.”

    “At some point, not everyone can make $35 million a year on your team, right? And at some point you gotta take some chances. You have Wiseman, you have Kuminga, and you know you can patch together some big guys. I thought it was 50-50. Now, I think it’s like 25-75 because I think they have outs now to get rid of him.”

    “Before, it was like, well, what’s Curry gonna say? What’s Klay gonna say? What are our fans gonna say?… Now, it’s like less of a betrayal because you have all these things you can point to. You can point to 2016, you can point to Durant in ’19, you can point to this Poole thing and probably five other things we don’t know about.”


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