Bill Simmons Thinks Bradley Beal Is Overvalued And Has Reached His Peak

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Bill Simmons Thinks Bradley Beal Is Overvalued And Has Reached His Peak


Bradley Beal just turned 29 years old and is coming off of a season-ending left wrist injury, but the Washington Wizards star remains one of the most sought-after players in the NBA right now, gauging interest from a number of teams that are eager to give him the bag.

The latest buzz involving the Wizards star is that he is looking to decline the player option in the final year of his current deal and re-sign with the Wizards for a 5-year contract worth at least $246M that would take him through age 33.

Beal, of course, is still one of the top shooting guards in the NBA and is pretty much a lock for 20 points a game, as evidenced by his last season’s averages of 23.2 points, 4.7 rebounds and 6.6 assists per game on 45.1% shooting from the field in just 40 games.

That being said, former ESPN and current HBO personality Bill Simmons sets it straight that the 29-year old Wizards guard is overvalued by the general public and has reached his peak two to three years ago. He went to as far as saying that Beal has moved into his Ray Allen 2007 stage.

Per Sportskeeda:


“He has three All-Star games in his career. He’s made one All-NBA third team. Probably peaked two to three years ago. He dropped off a little last year. I don’t think he’s somebody who is necessarily gonna get better. To me, he seems like he’s moved into this Ray Allen 2007 stage, where maybe not as valuable as the general public would think. 

So, Beal’s been in the league 10 years, and my question is – if you’re giving him the super-max, where the h*** are you going? And the Wizards – with the contract history they have – is there any scenario where they go, ‘Wait a second, why did we have to spend all this money on Bradley Beal?”


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