Ball Predicts Lakers To Beat Warriors & Win The NBA Title

Photo Credit: Denis Poroy / Associated Press

Ball Predicts Lakers To Beat Warriors & Win The NBA Title


After years of mediocrity (at best), Lakers fans are finally able to be excited about the team’s future again.

Julius Randle, and Brandon Ingram are set to have a breakout season, and hometown hero and number two draft pick Lonzo Ball will become the new face of the franchise.

Immediately after the Lakers drafted Lonzo Ball, his father LaVar, promised that the Lakers will make the playoffs this season.

As if this prediction wasn’t bold enough already, LaVar Ball now joined the CBS Sports Flagrant Two podcast, and took things to a whole new level. He said:


“I’ve got a vision for this year,” Ball said. “[The Lakers] are gonna win them 50 games, and they gonna get in them playoffs, and the story that’s gonna be for L.A. is Steve Kerr versus Luke Walton. That’s gonna be a hell of an L.A. story, because he don’t want that matchup. Luke know them tendencies, for that type of team. He knows ’em. And then there’s another big story that y’all gonna have: The bigmouth father LaVar said his son was better than Steph Curry — now let’s see! If they get them suckers in the Western Conference finals, the Lakers are gonna get them. And when they get to the Finals, my son ain’t gonna lose.”


For your information, the Los Angeles Lakers won 64 games, OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS! Meanwhile, the Warriors won 67+ games EACH YEAR OVER THE PAST THREE YEARS (207 total). I wouldn’t even call this prediction bold anymore, it’s flat out ridiculous.


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