Anthony Edwards Lauds Nikola Jokic’s Game 5 Mastery: “I Just Laugh, That’s All I Can Do”


In the aftermath of a pivotal Game 5, Minnesota Timberwolves’ guard Anthony Edwards couldn’t help but express his admiration for the performance of Denver Nuggets’ center Nikola Jokic. The game, which saw the Nuggets take a commanding 3-2 series lead, featured a Jokic tour de force that left spectators and players alike in awe.

Edwards, known for his competitive spirit and scoring prowess, was candid in his praise.


“I just laugh. That’s all I can do. I mean, I can’t be mad. He’s good, man. I think I said that after Game 1 when we won and Game 2. Like, he’s the MVP. He’s the best player in the NBA. He showed it the last three games, three games in a row…He was special tonight. I gotta give him his flowers. … He was that guy tonight,” 


Jokic delivered a staggering 40 points on an efficient 15-of-22 shooting, complemented by 13 rebounds and seven assists. His dominance was not just in the numbers but also in the timeliness of his plays, which often demoralized the opposition and energized his team.

The Timberwolves’ guard’s comments reflect a broader sentiment in the NBA community, where Jokic’s skill set and basketball IQ are held in high regard. His ability to read the game and make plays that others don’t even see is what sets him apart as a player.

As the series progresses, the Timberwolves will undoubtedly look to adjust their strategy to contain the Serbian center. However, with Jokic’s form peaking at the right moment, the Nuggets are poised as favorites to advance, and perhaps, to secure back-to-back NBA titles.

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