Draymond Green Reignites Beef With Jusuf Nurkic: “They Got No Big Man”


Rivalries and feuds are as much a part of the game as the sound of sneakers squeaking on the hardwood. The latest chapter in an ongoing saga is the reignited feud between Golden State Warriors’ Draymond Green and Phoenix Suns’ Jusuf Nurkic.

The tension between the two players flared up again recently, with Green throwing shade at Nurkic again.


“The Suns have no big man… KD is the Suns’ big man. They got no big man.”



This comes after a series of on-court confrontations and verbal exchanges that have marked their interactions throughout the season.

The feud, which had simmered down, was brought back to the forefront when Green made comments that were interpreted as a dig at Nurkic’s abilities as a center.

This is the latest episode in a history of clashes between the two, which includes a notable incident where Green was ejected for a flagrant foul against Nurkic. The incident led to Green apologizing for his actions, stating that it was not his intention to cause harm.

Despite the apologies, the competitive fire between Green and Nurkic remains unabated. Their feud has become a talking point for fans, adding an extra layer of intrigue to any matchup between the Warriors and the Suns.

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