Anthony Edwards Clarifies He Doesn’t Actually Eat As Many Chester’s Hot Fries

Photo Credit: Nick Wosika – USA TODAY Sports


Anthony Edwards is undeniably one of the top young players in the league right now. The competitive Wolves guard was the No.1 pick of the 2020 NBA Draft and was instrumental in helping the Wolves reach the playoffs in this past season.

This season, Ant has shown further signs of improvement. Half way through the season, the young star is fourth in total points, second in total steals, and first in total minutes in the NBA.

His performances paired with his outgoing and fun personality has also led to Edwards becoming a popular and marketable figure for companies.

One thing people may criticize about Ant ist the fact that he sometimes doesn’t seem to be the maturest of players. During an interview with GQ last month, Edwards revealed that he eats more than three bags of Chester Hot Fries chips a day, or in his words, more than 21 bags of chips per week.

One of these bags contains about 750 calories. Three per day adds up to 2250. .

During All-Star Media Day however, Edwards said “anybody who believed that was crazy”, while adding that he definitely “loves” the chips. Edwards went on to say that he probably ‘only’ eats one bag per day when he is at home and none when the team is on the road.



Before that statement however, Edwards gladly accepted a bag of the hot fries as a gift from a German reporter, who got addicted to the chips because of Ant.


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