Andre Iguodala Believes Rasheed Wallace Would Be Better Than Giannis Antetokounmpo In Today’s Game


Rasheed Wallace was a force back in his heyday, an NBA champion and a four-time NBA all-star who could shoot, work down low, play hard-nosed defense, and was brave enough to wrestle with the best big men and enforcers in the NBA.

Wallace may often be considered a step below the likes of Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Garnett, but he was still a top power forward during his time and one that would certainly give opposing teams a lot of problems on both ends of the floor.

Andre Iguodala has witnessed Wallace’s impact first-hand. So when appearing on “The Dan LeBatard Show” last year, Iguodala heaped some praises on the former Detroit Pistons enforcer.

While Wallace was not much of an alpha guy or a traditional superstar back then, Iguodala believes that the talented Pistons champion would be a top-five player in today’s league and be even better than Milwaukee Bucks superstar, two-time MVP, Giannis Antetokounmpo.


“Rasheed Wallace probably could have been a top-five player in the league for a 10-year stretch,” Iguodala said on the show. “He was shooting half-court shots left-handed and right-handed. If Rasheed Wallace played in modern-day basketball, if he played in our league today, he’d be a top-five player in the league. He’d be better than Giannis, and I love Giannis.”


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