Andre Drummond Drinks Beer Daily… For The Calories


Andre Drummond Drinks Beer Daily… For The Calories


In these past couple of years, Andre Drummond has developed into one of the best centers in the NBA.

Everybody is expecting big things from the 25-year old big man next season, as he will possibly be playing for a lot of money in a potential contract year.

Drummond also seems to be trying to get into his best shape and has cut red meat from his diet. To get the missing calories, he’s drinking beer. Well, doesn’t seem like the healthiest option.

Vince Ellis of the Detroit Free Press:


The Detroit Pistons center said recently he has eliminated red meat from his diet mainly consisting of fish and vegetables.

To ensure the necessary caloric intake, he drinks a beer per day.

He was drawn to Miller Lite because, well, that’s what his personal chef bought.


Add-on: If your personal chef brings you a Miller Lite though, you better fire that clown. Unless you have the urge to stop drinking in general.

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