Allen Iverson Reveals His Mt. Rushmore Of NBA Greats

Photo Credit: Clutch Points

Allen Iverson Reveals His Mt. Rushmore Of NBA Greats


A player’s Mt. Rushmore of NBA Greats never is an objective thought process, but it’s still always interesting to hear great players unveil their own top four players of all-time.

This time, Allen Iverson, who is one of the most influential players of all-time, had the chance to reveal his Mt. Rushmore during an appearance on the ‘All The Smoke’ podcast with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson.

Most of his answers were pretty common names who are on most peoples’ lists, but Stephen Curry, whom Iverson mentioned in the same sentence as the other guys, seems to be an outlier. But Iverson isn’t a stranger to all-time great talent; he knows when he sees one.


“My favorite is always going to be Mike, you know what I mean,” Allen Iverson said. “Kobe, you know what I mean, my one and two. And LeBron, you know what I mean, so great…I got Bron No. 3.

“Kobe is the closest thing to me to Mike. And then LeBron is just hands down LeBron James. He’s in a class by himself. And then, you know, Shaq and I just, ya’ll know how I feel about Stephen Curry.”


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