Snoop Dogg Goes Off On Lakers, Sells Box For $5

Photo Credit: Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

Snoop Dogg Goes Off On Lakers, Sells Box For $5


Los Angeles rap icon Snoop Dogg is a Lakers die-hard. He’s at Staples Center regularly and even has his own box. But, the Los Angeles Lakers have been absolutely horrible as of late, losing against numerous lottery teams.

The playoffs are more than in danger and the team appears to be dysfunctional. Just like most Lakers fans, Snoop has also seen enough and went on a NSFW rant, after the Lakers most recent loss against the Phoenix Suns. He did not hold back and even tried to sell his box seats for $5.


“Somebody gotta go. Matter of fact, a lot of n—-s gotta go,”


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