Allen Iverson Claims He Would Average 43 Points In Today’s Game


Offense has skyrocketed more than ever in today’s game, leading former players who competed in more defensive-oriented eras to wonder how they’d fare if they played today.

Fans have heard from many superstars and legends on this topic, including Shaquille O’Neal, Tracy McGrady, Paul Pierce and Ben Wallace. All of them reach the same conclusion that they would be even productive in today’s game than they were in their own eras. Now, following this trend, NBA icon Allen Iverson shares his take.

When it comes to offense, Iverson is undoubtedly a killer. He won four NBA scoring titles and was renowned for his lightning-quick ball handling and agility, allowing him to weave through defenses and score at will. Appearing on “The Big Podcast,” the former Philadelphia 76ers superstar confidently stated that he would average 43 points per game in today’s game.


“I lost the scoring title to Kobe [Bryant] the year he averaged 35, I averaged 33,” Iverson said. “I’m just thinking like, if I was to play in this era where it’s wide open, if I can average 33 in a season, I’m gonna just take it up to 43. I know 10 points more.”


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