Al Horford’s Sister Rips Brett Brown Following Sixers’ Loss Against The Celtics

Photo Credit: AP/Michael Dwyer

Al Horford’s Sister Rips Brett Brown Following Sixers’ Loss Against The Celtics


The Philadelphia 76ers haven’t had any success in this post-season. Following an injury to All-Star point guard Ben Simmons, the 76ers found themselves being handicapped against a well-equipped Celtics team.

The Sixers are down 0-2 in their first-round series against Boston and Joel Embiid, who was heavily carrying the team, couldn’t find the help he needed to propel the team past the Celtics. Tobias Harris has been out of rhythm, and former Celtics big-man Al Horford has been really underwhelming.

Horford, who was supposed to be a huge addition to the team, had been struggling to make his presence felt even before the playoffs. Now seeing him struggle against his former team, his sister Anna Horford, who has always been very outspoken on social media, took her time to rip Sixers coach Brett Brown on Twitter.


“Maybe we could get Brad Stevens to coach for a few plays… lmao”





Countless of Sixers fans haven’t been impressed with Brown’s ability to coach multiple talents and call Xs and Os; Horford’s sister is just one of them. 

Horford has been a misfit for the Sixers all season long, and unfortunately, it seems like Brown still has no solution to bring the best out of Horford and equip him effectively with the rest of the players. Brown decided to bench Horford in game 2 of the series which ultimately became questionable to fans and basketball pundits.

Horford is only averaging 5.0 points, 4.5 rebounds and 3.0 assists per game in 27 minutes of play with the Sixers. The team will try to swing the series even without Simmons, but if things don’t go their way, coach Brown could be on a hot-seat.

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