5Y/$201M – LeBron James Thinks Stephen Curry Is Underpaid

Photo Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

5Y/$201M – LeBron James Thinks Stephen Curry Is Underpaid


Golden State Warriors superstar Stephen Curry signed a supermax contract with the Warriors. It will be the richest contract in league history, and the maximum a team can offer a player.

Five-years, $201 million.

But LeBron James thinks that this isn’t enough.



As stupid as this may sound, he is not wrong.

Ever since Warriors owner Joe Lacob bought and took over the team, the Warriors’ value has increased from $450 million, to $2.6 billion. Stephen Curry is a key part in the team’s evaluation. He’s a two time MVP, led the team to three straight NBA Finals and two championships. He also has the best selling jersey in the basketball world, and brings in money through ticket sales and sponsorships. His value indeed is more than the $201 million he will be getting from the Warriors over the next five years.

If the NBA got rid of maxium contract limits, it would also solve the whole superteam dilemma. Let’s assume Stephen Curry is worth $75-100 million a year. That’s closer to his fair market value. If he made that kind of money, the Warriors couldn’t pay him and Kevin Durant, and we won’t even start talking about Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

It would also lead to a big problem though. It would lead to star players making $50 million a year, and a few borderline All Stars making $20 million, but the majority of NBA players would have to play for the league’s minimum. This would obviously be great for the star players.

But the majority of players would boycott a rule change, probably even go on strike. It is fun thinking about it though.


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