27 Years Ago Today, Reggie Miller Scored 8 Points In 9 Seconds

Photo Credit: Manny Milan/SI

27 Years Ago Today, Reggie Miller Famously Scored 8 Points In 9 Seconds


27 years ago today, in Game 1 of the 1995 Conference Semifinals, Reggie Miller scored 8 points in 8.9 seconds to win the game for the Pacers, after trailing 105-99, with 18.7 seconds left on the clock.

Eight points. Nine seconds. Down seven, Mark Jackson was inbounding the ball. Reggie got the pass, turned and fired from three – 105-102.

With 16.4 seconds left, the Knicks were out of time-outs. Anthony Mason inbounded the ball, but Greg Anthony slipped which led to Reggie getting the ball again. Reggie didn’t hesitate long and let it fly from beyond the 3 point line –  105-105 with 13.2 secondss left.

The Knicks inbounded and Sam Mitchell fouled Starks, a > 70%  career free throw shooter. He walked to the line and missed both. Reggie grabbed the rebound and got fouled with 7.5 left. He walked to the line and made both – 107-105. Pacers win!


“It was crazy. Again, so many things had to happen for us to win. You assume John will go one for two at the line. I was shocked he missed both. Neither team had any time outs left, Mason taking the ball out, Greg slipping with me getting the ball and hitting the shot; Patrick getting that rebound and then taking the quick shot, that was surprising. ME getting the rebound. I wasn’t known for my rebounding.”


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