Zaza Pachulia Says The Warriors Are Going To Be Even Better This Year

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Zaza Pachulia Says The Warriors Are Going To Be Even Better This Year


Jeff Van Gundy isn’t the only one who thinks that the season is over before it started, and that the Warriors will defend their title. The problem is, that they will be even better this season than a year ago. That’s also what Zaza Pachulia told the San Jose Mercury News.


“I think we’re going to be even better this year with the confidence, the trust factor and knowing for ourselves we won a championship with that team, with that personalities on the team and the chemistry we have. We can be even better with the focus we have with better details in how to improve… We got Nick Young. We got Omri Casspi. We got Jordan Bell,”


Pachulia is right.

Last season, the Golden State Warriors were basically unstoppable and there isn’t much hope that this will change in the coming season.

The Warriors managed to bring back every starter and key bench player from last season’s championship-winning team. Kevin Durant resigned on a bargain deal, his maximum contract would have had a value of $34.6 million. After signing his contract, Durant will “only” earn $26 million this coming season. By missing out on the $9 million, Durant will mostly help the Warriors’ owners, who are able to cut the amount of luxury tax they’ll have to pay in half. Shaun Livington, Andre Iguodala and JaVale McGee also resigned with the team. The only valuable player the Warriors lost is Ian Clark.

Other teams may have improved their rosters (specifically the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Houston Rockets), but no team is near the level the Warriors, who on top of that will be even more well attuned to each other in their second year with Durant.


No team is beating a healthy Warriors squad in a seven-game series. And that isn’t even a bold statement.

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