Youtuber VitalyZDTV Streaks 2016 NBA Finals


Youtuber VitalyZDTV Streaks 2016 NBA Finals


If you watched Game 4 of the NBA Finals, you’ve probably heard Jeff van Gundy, Mark Jackson and Mike Breen talk about a fan running onto the court. It was causing a delay, but the TV cameras didn’t show the acutal scene.

Apparently, the fan running onto the court was Youtuber VitalyZDTV, a prankster who likes to be in the center of attention and who also is known for disturbing other sport events. He tried to streak at this year’s Superbowl, but thankfully got arrested beforehand. Back in 2014, he was running onto the pitch during the World Cup Final between Germany and Argentina.

Arena security caught him fast though. Tackling him down instantly.

You can say that security protected the home court better than the Cavs…




Vitaly streaking during the World Cup Final:

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