Wrestling Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Reveals His Take On The Basketball GOAT Debate

Wrestling Legend ‘The Undertaker’ Reveals His Take On The Basketball GOAT Debate


The GOAT debate is arguably the most controversial never-ending topic known to an NBA fan, and often times, the debate would come down to two all-time great players which are Michael Jordan and LeBron James. 

Majority of NBA fans still believe that Jordan is still the best to ever play the game, considering his unparalleled resume which includes a flawless 6-0 record in the NBA Finals. He achieved the highest of heights the game has to offer, and there’s no arguing that.

LeBron, on the other hand, has climbed up the ranks over time and has carved out his place in NBA history. Whether he ends up as the consensus’ GOAT after his career is left to be seen, but he has definitely earned the right to be included in GOAT talks alongside the likes of Jordan.

A number of fans, athletes, celebrities and basketball personalities have weighed in on the GOAT debate, with the latest to join the debate being wrestling legend The Undertaker.

While The Undertaker could be considered the GOAT of wrestling himself, he started with basketball as his main sport and even attended college on a basketball scholarship. This is also the reason Taker has always been a huge basketball fan, and follows the NBA to this day. 

During his appearance on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast with Jimmy Traina, Taker said that while LeBron undeniably is great, and Kobe also belonging in that conversation, he picks Michael Jordan as his GOAT.


It’s undeniable how great a player LeBron James is, but Jordan just had a different mindset. He’s second to none. Maybe it was the era I grew up in, and I was much more involved in basketball at that point. Kobe belongs somewhere in that conversation, too, but I’m a Jordan guy.


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