Wilt Chamberlain’s Ironman Streak: 47 Consecutive Complete Games In 1962


Wilt Chamberlain’s name stands as a beacon of dominance and unparalleled achievements. Among his many records, one particularly awe-inspiring feat is often overlooked—the streak of 47 consecutive complete games during the 1961-1962 season. This remarkable stretch not only showcased Chamberlain’s athletic prowess but also underscored his durability and endurance on the hardwood.

The streak of 47 consecutive complete games commenced 62 years ago, in January of 1962, and extended until November, 1962. During this period, Chamberlain played every minute of every game, showcasing an extraordinary level of durability and stamina.

Chamberlain’s run of complete games eventually came to an end on November 10, 1962, when he was forced to leave a game against the Boston Celtics due to a knee injury.

For the entire season, Wilt averaged an insane 48.5 minutes per game. If we include all overtimes played, this means the Big Dipper only missed 8 minutes in total of the Philadelphia Warriors’ season.

Aside from the minutes played, Chamberlain also set an NBA record in points per game that season with 50.4, while also averaging 25.7 rebounds per game.

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