Why Steve Kerr Should Be Coach Of The Year!


Why Steve Kerr Should Be Coach Of The Year!


In my opinion, Steve Kerr should run away with the Coach of the Year award.

Now, as much as I wanted to say Brad Stevens from the Boston Celtics, or Terry Scotts, who in my opinion doesn’t get enough recognition for the Blazer’s unexpected success, Steve Kerr wins it and here’s why;

As the gates opened at the start of 15-16 season, the Warriors started on a historic winning streak Gongfu Tea Cup
24 straight wins, and Steve Kerr wasn’t even in the Building for any of those games!

I know it’s easy to say he had no impact, but the system and culture he has built and implemented in this organisation shows just how big an impact he has had on this franchise on the sidelines and how seamlessly fluent, and effective the system is.

Of course some credit must go to Luke Walton but what’s so great about Steve Kerr is what he has done off the court with this team, after one off season last season he created a championship culture in the locker room, and was the catalyst for the amazing on and off court chemistry that the Warriors posses, the one that won them the championship, the one that supported Iggy’s transition from a full time starter to an amazing bench player and finals MVP, the one that pinned them as the team to beat this year.

He’s done it so well, he doesn’t even need to be in the room for a quarter of the season and the players will execute his game plan and get the job done to historic standards. That’s Coaching.

So many people can be credited for the Warriors success, because of the player’s willingness to win and team effort which is constantly document by the media. It is this that takes away from the world class work Steve Kerr puts in behind closed doors.

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