Why Basketball Is The Perfect Sport To Bet On

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Why Basketball Is The Perfect Sport To Bet On


As the rules regarding online betting continue to relax in the United States, Canada and other countries, the number of wagers placed every day on sports continues to rise. Millions of more people can enjoy betting on basketball today than was possible just 12 months ago and the trends suggest that will continue. More states in the US have decided to lift the long-running ban on betting, while others like New York and California are prepared to play the waiting game before putting it to a vote.

It’s now possible to gamble on sports like basketball at a land-based bookmaker or casino, but the most popular way for bettors to get their gambling fix is online. The leading sportsbooks allow registered customers to place bets using desktop computers, betting from the comfort of their homes or when on the move, thanks to user-friendly Android and iOS mobile apps. NBA betting can be done at the touch of a button from anywhere in your region where online sports betting is legal.

The top bookies allow players to gamble on a large number of professional sports, but some tabs are more popular than others. The sports you’ll find attract a lot of attention in the gambling industry are horse racing, football, soccer, tennis and greyhounds. Recently, basketball has forced its way into that list and that comes as no surprise to anyone with a love for NBA or gambling.


The NBA has a global following

Why is the NBA such a popular competition to bet on? Basketball is a huge sport with a global fanbase. The NBA isn’t the sport’s only league but it is the most popular. That’s where the most talented players and the top teams perform and you’ll often find household names of sport showcasing their talents during the regular season and playoffs. Think basketball and many automatically conjure up images of the NBA. Teams like the Chicago Bulls have followers from London to Libson, watching matches, buying merchandise and planning to watch a game in person.

Another major reason for the popularity of the NBA and NBA betting is the competition’s live TV coverage. Games are shown live on TV and on live streaming sites every night of the week during the season. The top fixtures are broadcast worldwide meaning the thousands in attendance at the court is boosted by the millions watching the action live on TV. America and Canada is where the NBA  is most popular but interest isn’t ringfenced to those nations. Many European basketball fans are more than happy to burn the midnight oil and watch NBA matches on TV or catch-up on the various highlights shows.

That coverage makes it the perfect sport to bet on as the schedule means there’s always a match about to begin. The most popular bookies offer pre-match betting odds on the winner of the match but also serve up several exciting specials, such as winning margin, total points and handicap. 


In-play betting

Most of the pre-game betting markets are carried over to live betting. As soon as a match begins, the pre-match betting odds become in-play betting. This allows you to bet on a match that has already begun. A live trader will update the odds and markets to ensure they stay in line with the score and flow of play. A bet on basketball is as exciting in the final few minutes as it was before the tip-off, and you are always just a click away.

The NBA lends itself perfectly to online betting as the competition and games are competitive, fast-moving and exciting. Watch an NBA clash live on television and stay on the lookout for any trends or clues. Is a player in red hot form, or does the early exchanges suggest a high-scoring match awaits? Follow the clues and place your in-play bets quickly before the live trader reduces the odds or suspends the market. 

A successful NBA in-play bet isn’t simply a winning one. It’s a bet that wins at the best odds possible. That’s why you must time your in-play bets to perfection, getting your stake down at the top odds.

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