When Gilbert Arenas Showed Up With $100,000 Cash For Shootout With Nick Young

Photo Credit: Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images


While remembering some of my favorite stories of ‘Swaggy P’, this one got stuck in my head, it just is too great.

Nick Young and Gilbert Arenas have been best friends since their time as teammates in Washington. The two constantly make fun of each other, and sometimes even go overboard. They played together from 2007 to 2010, before Arenas was traded from the Wizards to the Magic. 

In 2018, Arenas showed the world that he’s still got it. After Nick Young called him out, Arenas went straight to the gym and accepted the challenge. Arenas even brought $100,000 in cash to the gym with him, but Young ended up chickening out and didn’t show up to participate.

It ended up being a blessing for Swaggy, because he surely would have lost the 100 grand, as Arenas proceeded to drain 95 out of the 100 shots he put up.


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