When Alonzo Mourning Blocked 27 Shots In One Game


When Alonzo Mourning Blocked 27 Shots In One Game


“You just don’t see guys coming out of high school who play like that.”


Long before Alonzo Mourning stepped on NBA hardwood for the first time, he already was a legend.

During his time at Indian River High School in Chesapeake, Virginia, he led the team to 51 straight victories and a state title his junior year in 1987. When Mourning was a senior in high school, he averaged a ridiculous 25 points, 15 rebounds and 12 blocks per game, yes you’ve read that corrrectly – TWELVE blocked shots per game, which led to him becoming player of the year by USA Today and Naismith.

Even though, there are no articles, boxscores or any footage of it, Alonzo Mourning once blocked 27 shots in one game in high school. A mention in January 1989’s ‘Boys Life Magazine’ and a mention of it in the broadcast of the 1988 All American High School Basketball Game, is all the proof we have.

His high school performance made over 200 colleges try to recruit him, before he decided on Georgetown University. Mourning also became the only high school player to try out for the Olympics and he did just miss making the team by having been the second to last person being cut from the team during the Olympic Trials.


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