Wharton Student Hilariously Roasts Mark Cuban For Seth Curry Deal In Q&A

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Wharton Student Hilariously Roasts Mark Cuban For Seth Curry Deal In Q&A


During the 2020 NBA offseason, on the day of the NBA Draft, the Philadelphia 76ers and Dallas Mavericks agreed to a trade.

The Sixers sent the team’s 36th overall pick and Josh Richardson to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for  sharpshooter, Seth Curry.

Curry had been a valuable piece in the Mavs’ rotation, but was never really able to really break out of his limited bench role.

Back then, the trade was expected to be as evenly as it gets, as both players were assumed to be a better fit on their respective new teams. As we all know now, this was not the right assumption and it all came differently. While Curry has really improved a lot since joining the Sixers, becoming a key member of the team and one of the best shooters in the league, Richardson was a huge disappointment for the Mavericks. The Mavs even traded him to the Boston Celtics the very next season.

As Seth Curry once put it; it was a ‘bad business decision’. 

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban now was reminded about this mistake, that would set the Mavericks back, during a Q&A about Crypto with students of the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

One student then went off script and asked a basketball question with a huge grin on his face. Cuban though, had the perfect response:


Student: “It’s been about a year since Seth Curry was traded away to the 76ers for Josh Richardson and Tyler Bey [Mavs’ converted draft pick]. So from somebody who’s in Philly now, I have to ask: Looking back on this trade, how do you think it went, and should the Mavs have kept Seth Curry?”

Cuban: “I hate you! Next question.”


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