Wemby’s Younger Brother, Oscar Wembanyama, Is Already Turning Heads


In the world of basketball, the name Wembanyama has become synonymous with towering presence and exceptional talent, thanks to Victor Wembanyama’s meteoric rise. However, there’s another Wembanyama making waves on the court – Oscar, Victor’s younger brother.

At just 16 years old, Oscar Wembanyama is already turning heads with his performances for ASVEL U18 in France. Standing at 6-foot-8, Oscar may not have the same imposing height as his older brother, but his skills and potential are undeniable.

Oscar’s most recent performances have not gone unnoticed. He’s been lauded for his versatility on the court and his ability to contribute across various statistical categories.


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While comparisons with his brother are inevitable, Oscar is carving out his own path. Scouts have noted his potential, and he’s already being discussed as a possible draft pick in the 2026 or 2027 NBA Draft.

Oscar’s journey is reminiscent of Victor’s early days, playing for the same club and showing a similar passion for the game. With a U15 national title under his belt and a growing reputation, Oscar Wembanyama is a name to remember – not just as Victor’s brother, but as a rising phenom in his own right.

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