Way Too Many Celtics Fans Fell For Cheap Jaylen Brown Double In Front Of TD Garden


Jaylen Brown has emerged as one of the most polarizing players in the NBA due to his elite two-way skills and key role for the Boston Celtics.

Last season proved challenging for Brown. Following losing to the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals, there were talks about whether the Celtics should keep him or contemplate trading him.

However, as events unfolded, Brown remained with the Celtics and was generously rewarded. He inked a five-year, $304 million supermax contract with the Celtics, marking the largest deal in NBA history.

The All-Star, who has played in Boston ever since he was drafted in 2016 has become a Celtics staple and fan favorite. However, eight years do not seem to be enough for way too many Celtics fans, who fell for a Jaylen Brown double who actually didn’t look like Brown all that much after all.


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