The Warriors Spent An Insane Amout Of Money On Champagne Alone

Photo Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

The Warriors Spent An Insane Amout Of Money On Champagne Alone


This year’s Warriors championship festivities, including the parade, were lit. Nick Young and Jordan Bell played a big factor, as both excessively celebrated their first career title.

There was no picture that didn’t have either bottles of champange or bottles of Hennessey in it. When it comes to champagne, Warriors players seem to have an exquisit taste, as the bottles were either Luc Belaire or limited Moet & Chandon.

According to USA TODAY Sport’s FTW:


At the parade, the Warriors’ buses were stocked with $500,000 of Luc Belaire Rare Gold, Luxe and Rosé, according to Sovereign Brands. Plus, in their locker room after Game 4, they had 300-plus bottles of Moet & Chandon Champagne along with 150 bottles of limited edition Moet Nectar Rose Public School Luminous Magnums that cost more than $400,000, per Alchemy.

So the total cost of the champagne at the Warriors’ parade and their locker room celebration was somewhere around $900,000.


That’s an awful lot of money, even more so if you think about that more than half of it ended up on the floor due to the players spending more time spraying than drinking it.

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