Warriors Forward Anthony Lamb Accused Of Rape In Lawsuit Against University Of Vermont

Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

Warriors Forward Anthony Lamb Accused Of Rape In Lawsuit Against University Of Vermont


Golden State Warriors forward Anthony Lamb has been accused of rape by a former student of the University of Vermont.

Former Division I swimmer at UVM, Kendall Ware, made the allegations in a civil lawsuit against the school, claiming the school mishandled and displayed ‘deliberate indifference’ to ‘student-on-student harassment and sexual assault.’

Lamb himself is not a defendant in the lawsuit, that claims Lamb raped Ware, after their six-month relationship had ended, at an off-campus party hosted at the house where Lamb lived.

The alleged victim stated that the assault took place in Lamb’s bedroom following an altercation, in which Lamb was screaming and insulting her.

Ware reported the rape, along with two other incidents involving Lamb, to the school’s Title IX office, but says that her complaints were mishandled. Ware had previously spoken about her experience, but did so without publicly naming Lamb. 


“I was continuously misinformed and I truly don’t think UVM — the athletic department specifically — wanted me to do the formal investigation because he would’ve been found responsible. I was 19. It’s not something you are expecting to navigate at that age, especially when people who are supposed to be protecting you and having your best interests at heart aren’t doing that and are giving you the wrong information over and over again.”


After asked about the situation, the Golden State Warriors have released a statement to SF Gate:


“Anthony is not a defendant in this recent lawsuit and, to our knowledge, he has never been charged with any wrongdoing in any legal case. Prior to signing Anthony in September, we did our due diligence with the NBA and his prior teams, as we do with all players. If any new information comes to light, we will certainly evaluate it and act accordingly.”


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