Wall, Wizards Plan For a “Funeral” Against Boston

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Wall, Wizards Plan For a “Funeral” Against Boston

A new rivalry has brewed in the NBA between the Boston Celtics and Washington Wizards.

A few weeks ago, Jae Crowder ($25,000) and John Wall ($15,000) had a heated confrontation after Boston’s 117-108 win over Washington resulting in a fine for both players.

Tonight, the two teams meet again in their third matchup of the season, which will turn out to be an extremely rugged and exciting game. Washington Wizards star point guard John wall says his team is preparing for the Celtics’ “funeral.”

According to Wizards forward Kelly Oubre Jr., Washington is wearing all black to send a message to Boston.

“We’re wearing all black to the game. You know where we’re going with that,” Kelly Oubre Jr. said.

“We’re ready for whatever,” Oubre said. “We’re wearing all black to the game. It’s a memo that the team is giving away. We’re ready for whatever, man. Round 3, let’s get it.”

After the confrontation during their January 11, 2017 meeting, Boston police officers guarded the two locker rooms after players continued to trade verbal jabs at each other after the game had ended.

Boston Celtics star Isaiah Thomas has no worries about the said to be “funeral.”

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