Utah Jazz Tried To Screw Over Fan By Not Giving Him Car, But Booing Fans Made Them Reverse Their Call


Fans taking shots, or doing challenges for money or different prizes, during NBA game breaks has been around for a very long time.

Whenever a fan wins a big prize, it usually goes viral and is very good advertisement for the sponsor and the franchise involved. However, this publicity can also be bad, if the franchise decides to screw over the fan and keep the prize, even though said fan technically won the prize fair and square.

This is what (almost) happened in Salt Lake City last night. During a game break in the Utah Jazz vs Cleveland Cavaliers game, a fan beat the buzzer to win a car. The Jazz however claimed the shot came after the buzzer, when clearly he shot long before the buzzer sounded. Still, they decided he didn’t win.



Thankfully, after the fans heavily booed their decision, which definitely was wrong, they ‘righted the wrong’ and ended up giving the car to the deserving fan.


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