Udonis Haslem Thinks Draymond Green Only Targets Players Who Are Unlikely To Retaliate Against Him


Draymond Green has recently become a major topic in basketball news, mainly due to his controversial actions this season. These include placing Rudy Gobert in a chokehold and taking a swing at Jusuf Nurkic.

Numerous fans and NBA figures have voiced their opinions on Green, with one of the latest comments coming from Miami Heat icon Udonis Haslem. 

Haslem knows a thing or two about players like Green. After all, Haslem has come across many aggressive players. He himself was known for his toughness, strong demeanor, and role as an enforcer. He also had a knack for retaliating against opponents or talking trash when the right moment presented itself.

When sharing his thoughts, Haslem acknowledged Green’s cleverness on the court, pointing out that the 33-year old Warriors big man prefers to target players who are unlikely to react to his aggressive and unsportsmanlike behavior.


“People think he’s crazy. I think he’s smart. Because he knows who he’s [messing] with,” Haslem said. “He choked out [Rudy] Gobert, he hit Nurkic. He’s [messing with] people who really aren’t going to do nothing back.”


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