Toni Kukoc Sacrificed His Wedding Night To Watch The Bulls Play


After being drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 1990, Toni Kukoč continued to play in Europe, where he would become the EuroLeague’s Final Four MVP three times, until finally reporting to the Bulls in 1993.

While the Bulls had just threepeated and Michael Jordan was on his way out to play baseball, Kukoc quickly became a valuable member of the team. Upon Jordan’s return, Kukoc eventually ended up being part of another three-peat for the Bulls, while winning the NBA’s 6th man of the year award in 1996.

In a new documentary about his life and career, Kukoc now opened up about how he already admired his future teammates before he joined the Bulls, and even sacrificed his wedding night in order to watch the Bulls play the Suns in the NBA Finals.


Kukoc’s wife: “I know how much he loved Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen and watching the Bulls. I mean, even on our wedding night…”

Kukoc: “The night we were getting married, I said, ‘We guys can party till 3 o’clock. And then there’s a game against Phoenix on TV. So, that’s when we’ll all go home…”


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