The Way Way Back


The Way Way Back

By Martin Foster


I love professional sports, especially the NBA. One of the many things that capture my interest with the NBA is the evolution of the game over the course of time. Basketball is much more diverse than yesteryear, not because of the global expansion, but due to the style of play.

The Way Way Back is another of saying way back when. If that does not work for you, maybe try the good ‘ole days. If neither of those ring a bell, let’s try back in (the/my) day. Think about it. Back in the day is a phrase we hear all to often. It’s something people say to reminisce about the glory days. I always find it interesting when I hear that saying.

Depending on when you grew up defines the NBA era you are associated with. For those that grew up watching basketball in the ‘70s through mid ‘80s, a doctor with an Afro who rocked the rim while sporting converse sneakers defined your era. Throughout the mid to late ‘80s we witnessed an era that was dominated by basketball royalty from Boston, trash-talking bad boys from the Motor City, and finally the best Hollywood show starring a 6’9” Hall Of Famer. Now, let’s flash forward a couple decades. Today’s NBA presents a different type of play. A style that promotes “3 and D” and high scoring games, versus tough defensive matchups. The NBA is in an era that encourages building a team of “super friends” to manufacture championships instead of building contenders organically through the draft. The league does not seem as tough as it once did.




I was born in 1981. While I was old enough to remember Lakers and Celtics during the ‘80s, I consider the ‘90s my era of basketball. I freaking loved it. To me, this time in the NBA was defined not only by high school players leaping to the pros, it was about the following

-Hard fouls and hand checks.
-Tongue wagging high-flyer and his cohort grabbing six titles in eight seasons.
-A guard from Georgetown who possessed a crippling crossover.
-Intense playoff rivalries that illustrated the hatred two teams had for each other.

Those days are gone. Do not get me wrong. I still love the NBA; it’s just not the same.

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