The Way Joakim Noah And Tom Thibodeau Argued Is Pretty Funny

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Matt Marton

The Way Joakim Noah And Tom Thibodeau Argued Is Pretty Funny


In the summer of 2016, Noah singed the Knicks’ 4-year, $72 million offer sheet, even though people around the league knew about his injury problems.

The former defensive player of the league had also been on the decline, long before signing the contract.

He became the mirror image for the Knicks’ downfall, alongside former president of basketball operations, Phil Jackson.

But as mentioned, he is a former defensive player of the year and one of the league’s best passing big man, which Noah was finally able to show again after signing with the Memphis Grizzlies mid-season last year.

During his prime days in Chicago, he was a special type of talent. He also had a very close relationship with his former head coach Tom Thibodeau and his former teammate Derrick Rose. Sometimes though, Noah and Thibs weren’t exactly on the same page, but their arguments seem to have been pretty funny, as Hall of Fame writer Sam Smith and Derrick Rose explain in their new book, “I’ll Show You”:


Thibs would be mad at Jo for breaking a play or forgetting the play. Jo actually did that a lot. Jo would break the play and then do something better. It would be a plus. But Thibs, he’s controlling. So he would be on Jo even though things worked out better, like, “What the fuck are you doing!”

And Jo would be like,”Fuck you!”

And Thibs would be like, “No, fuck you.”

No joke, they used to argue like that. But nobody overreacted. We knew they just needed to vent, get it out of their system. They were professional enough to do that and then keep going over the game plan.


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