The Real MVP – Boban Marjanovic Has Higher Career PER, ORTG, WS/48, And TS% Than Every Player In NBA History.

Photo Credit: Carlos Osorio | AP

The Real MVP – Boban Marjanovic Has Higher Career PER, ORTG, WS/48, And TS% Than Every Player In NBA History.


He’s 28 years old, he’s Serbian and a former Euroleague MVP … for three consecutive years! He has been quite successful whilst in Europe, so the Spurs (of course the Spurs, who else?) were intrigued by his combination of size, skill, attitude and decided to give him a try.

After making a name for himself in San Antonio, he signed with the Detroit Pistons and got paid big time, with a three-year, $21 million contract.
He hasn’t been playing an awful a lot of minutes this season but he has been producing very interesting numbers every time he steps on the court. As crazy as it sounds for a role player, Boban currently owns the records for career PER, ORTG, WS/48 and TS% . in NBA history. (via reddit)


  • Boban’s Career PER of 28.1 is #1 all-time, higher than Jordan’s career PER of 27.9
  • Boban’s career ORTG of 129 is #1 all-time, higher than Chris Paul’s 122.8
  • Boban’s career DRTG of 99.05 is the highest of any active player, #21 all time
  • Boban’s Win Shares per 48 is by far the highest of any player at .307. Jordan is second all-time at .250.
  • Boban’s career Offensive Rebound % is 16.8%, second all-time behind Dennis Rodman
  • Boban’s career Defensive Rebound % is 6th all-time at 32.8%
  • Boban’s career True Shooting % is the highest of all-time at .643. Cedric Maxwell is second at .629


He hasn’t played enough minutes to be judged accurately, but whenever he gets to play big minutes, he produces. In 28 minutes against the Rockets last week, he finished with 27 points and 12 rebounds, while shooting 67% fromt the field and 75% from the line. He followed up this perfomance two days later against the Grizzlies, with 14 points and 10 rebounds (67% FG; 86% FT) in 23 minutes.

Yet, in all fairness, he has some weaknesses, obviously. Namely, the pick and roll defense. When there’s a high screen and he is defending a agile big man, you can see his flaws in these situations almost every time. He shows some stiffness. It’s tough for him to stay in front of a mobile big man. The situation gets chaotic if there’s a switch on that high screen and if he has to pick a guard, but he’s smart recovering and he pays back with effort what he lacks in speed and agility.

It’s still interesting to see, that a role player is basically one of the best statistical players in NBA history.


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