The NBA Needs To Stop The ‘Wrong Hat’ Ridiculousness On Draft Day

Photo Credit: Brad Penner/USA TODAY Sports

The NBA Needs To Stop The ‘Wrong Hat’ Ridiculousness On Draft Day


According to the NBA rulebook, trades can’t go through until the league’s year starts in a few weeks. This also means that prior to this start, trades won’t be recognized by the league.

This fact leads to lots of controversy every year, during the NBA draft. This year was no different. Fans hated that drafted players had to wear the wrong hat, even though everyone knew that they won’t be playing for said team.

Take De’Andre Hunter as an example. When he was announced as the fourth pick in the the 2019 NBA Draft, he was handed a Los Angeles Lakers hat. Hunter won’t play a minute for the Lakers, but will suit up in Hawks colors instead. The number four pick went to New Orleans as part of the Lakers deal that brought Anthony Davis into town. The Pelicans though, traded the pick to the Atlanta Hawks. That’s why the Atlanta Hawks basically decided who the 4th pick will be, only that Hunter wasn’t able to rep the team’s colors.

On top of it, the Hawks weren’t even allowed tweet about it.


The internet came to the conclusion that this rule is nonsense and agreed that the NBA needs to make a change as soon as possible.


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