The LeBron James Jr. Collegiate Recruitment Chaos Has Officially Begun

Photo Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The LeBron James Jr. Collegiate Recruitment Chaos Has Officially Begun


All eyes on LeBron James Jr.!

The collegiate recruitment chaos has begun. Bronny, who is currently at Sierra Canyon School, has become one of the top recruits in his class. Last week, he revealed that he wants to go to college before becoming NBA Draft eligible in 2024.

Since Bronny not only is a great player, but also someone who could potentially generate millions in jersey sales and TV-deals, the race to bring James Jr. on board has started.

While Oregon appears to be the early favorite, Bronny has now received an offer from the Memphis Tigers.



The Memphis Tigers’ head coach is no other than NBA legend Penny Hardaway, who Bronny’s father LeBron is an outspoken fan of.

Per the Memphis Commercial Appeal:


“But if James’ father has any say in where his son plays, his opinion of Hardaway could provide some insight. LeBron has made his high esteem for Hardaway clear on multiple occasions. 

‘Penny was one of my favorite players growing up,’ LeBron said in 2019 after a game against the Memphis Grizzlies. ‘I kind of idolized Michael Jordan, but I wanted to be like Penny. ‘

In an Instagram post in 2020, LeBron doubled down on his affinity for Hardaway. 

‘MY 2ND FAVORITE PLAYER OF ALL-TIME MAN! LITERALLY COULD WATCH HIM PLAY EVERY NIGHT!!” he posted under a reel featuring some of Hardaway’s most impressive highlights.'”


In addition to Oregon and Memphis, there are several other schools, like Duke, USC and North Carolina A&T with interest in landing a commitment from Bronny.

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