The Golden State Could Be Back On The Trade Market For Kevin Durant: “They’d Love To Bring KD Back”

Photo Credit: Matthew Stockman/Getty Images


After the Brooklyn Nets traded away Kyrie Irving to the Dallas Mavericks, rumors of Kevin Durant being the next Nets domino to fall are starting to swirl. Trade deadline is only a couple of days away so it’s only a matter of time until the rest of the league gets a final answer.

With this Durant buzz making waves across the NBA, one NBA general manager now mentioned the Golden State Warriors as one team that could be back on the trade market for the two-time Finals MVP. 

This shouldn’t be much of a surprise considering the history of the two parties. Also, the Warriors have the assets to trade for Durant and were even in the race last offseason when the 34-year old superstar demanded a trade request from Brooklyn.

If Durant turns out available this time around, the question now becomes whether the Warriors should go all-in for Durant ahead of Thursday’s trade deadline or ride out the rest of the season with their current core before targeting him next season.

Per Heavy:


“I think Golden State is a good example of that,” the GM said. “They’ve got these young guys and some people in that organization want to hang onto them, some want to move off them and win now. Lie, trade them on Thursday. But that is probably not going to happen, and the middle road is, hang on to them for this year and if they don’t pull things together, use them to go and make an offer for KD. They’d love to bring KD back to finish out his career with Steph and Klay.”


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