The Chicago Bulls Of Michael Jordan Are Inspiring The Kit Of A European Soccer Powerhouse

Artwork by JC Ro

The Chicago Bulls Of Michael Jordan Are Inspiring The Kit Of A European Soccer Powerhouse


The Chicago Bulls team that won 6 NBA Championships between 1991 and 1998 is one of the most legendary teams in the history of sports.

Successful on and off the pitch and combining the presence of arguably the best player in the NBA history, Michael Jordan, with an array of talented players like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman. A truly inspiring team led by the great Phil Jackson on the sideline.

And apparently, there’s a soccer team in France looking to steal the show in European soccer just like the Bulls did it in the NBA. 

Paris Saint-Germain has released a new playing kit inspired by the image of the Chicago Bulls team of the nineties.

Women and men squads will be wearing a white shirt with the same design around the neck and sleeves as the shirts used by Michael Jordan. A circular pattern with red, blue, and white lines around the neck and sleeves.

The shorts will even have the iconic diamond shape that’s an identity proper to basketball teams’ clothing lines and all jerseys wear the famous Jordan logo on the chest, as the clothing brand continues to thrive in the sports industry thanks to its expanding business model.

Jumpman’s brand signed an agreement with PSG in 2018 to launch a clothing line that would mark a historic deal in the world of sports as the Jordan brand would be capitalizing on one of the best soccer teams in the world.

Nike’s second brand was looking to expand its business for a long time as the sale of Jordan’s sneakers was in decline for a long time in the United States.

The agreement with Paris Saint-Germain is a way to make the brand less sensitive to the dangers of limiting itself to the world of basketball in the USA. This wasn’t new for Jordan’s brand as they debuted on American football thru the College team of Michigan and also sponsored other sportsmen like New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter or the boxer Roy Jones Junior.

But this is the first time that Jordan was to be linked with a soccer team, and not any soccer team but one of the most international clubs in the world.

PSG is a powerhouse in European soccer. Since being bought by the Qatar Sports Investment group, the French club experienced an exponential development in sporting terms by acquiring some of the best players in the world soccer landscape. Their quota of popularity, a consequence of the trophies won in the French league and the fact of being based in one of the biggest and most glamorous cities in the world, make PSG one the most interesting sports team on the marketing side. And Jordan is aware of this.

PSG is a brand on its own. Very popular in the Arab world, fans come in numbers to bet on the best Arabic betting sites that profit from the great pull of teams like PSG to offer great bonuses and VIP benefits to its clients. Users in Arabic countries like the United Arab Emirates are offered the guarantee of betting in secure platforms that offer guides on how to bet safely.

The international exposure offered by a team like PSG can hardly be matched by another club in the world. And by associating with this soccer team, the Jordan brand is guaranteed of receiving multimillionaire earnings.

Since 2018, estimations set the earnings of Jordan around the figure of 200 million euros. According to different media outlets, Jumpman receives between 5 and 7% of the price of every shirt sold. The cheapest Jordan x PSG shirt is sold at around 90 euros and the average price of any shirt with the Jordan logo is 140 euros.

Last summer, Lionel Messi, a soccer player whose greatness and feats can only be matched by Michael Jordan, arrived at PSG in what was the biggest transfer story of the past decades.

It’s expected that only with this player, shirt sales could double or even triple until the end of the season. Nike recently renewed the agreement with PSG until 2032 for an estimate of 70 million euros per season and Jordan could be the next to renew its deal with the French giant.

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