Terry Rozier Is Facing ‘Scary Terry’ Merchandise Lawsuit

Photo Credit: Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Terry Rozier Is Facing ‘Scary Terry’ Merchandise Lawsuit


In the absence of Kyrie Irving, Terry Rozier had been an absolutely magificent replacement for the star point guard. The third-year guard undoubtedly has the talent to be a team’s starting point guard.

In these past playoffs, Rozier had been one of the best and most efficient guards. He’s on his way to become a star in this league, and a player with plenty of advertising value.

How can you possibly make the most of that marketing value? Yes, do it yourself. That’s what Terry and his team thought when they created ‘Scary Terry’ merchandise. Doing it himself is also why Rozier is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit. He was sued by Easter Unlimited, a New York City based company that is creating merchandise under the name Fun World, for copyright infringement, trademark infringement, and counterfeiting.

The company that has the intellectual property of the Ghost Face mask, says that Rozier owes them about $150,000 for each act of infringement. This could get real expensive for Scary Terry.



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