Lenny Carlos (Len Werle)
Favorite Team: Dallas Mavericks
Favorite Player: Dirk Nowitzki
Favorite non Maverick: Baron Davis and Jason Williams
Favorite Basketball Moment: 2011 Finals (and the 4th game of the Dallas-Lakers series); Michael Jordan comeback.
Where are you from? Stuttgart, Germany
Extra: Chief editor and Publisher of OpenCourt-Basketball
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Tiago Fonseca
Favorite Team: No favorite team;
Favorite Player: Michael Jordan as the favorite ever / LeBron James at the moment
Favorite Basketball Moment – 1st half of the 1992 Finals / Game 1 Blazers @ Bulls
Where are you from? Vila do Conde, Portugal
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Benson Raper
Favorite Team: Miami Heat
Favorite Player: Eric Bledsoe
Favorite Basketball Moment: Klay Thompson’s 37 point third quarter vs Sacramento
Where are you from?: Melbourne, Australia

Damien Peters
Favourite Team: New York Knicks
Favourite Player: LeBron James
Favourite Basketball Moment: LeBron James at the palace against the Pistons/ LeBron’s 61
Where you from: Australia

Adriaan Sommereyns
Favourite Team: Atlanta Hawks
Favourite Player: Larry Bird (All-Time), Rajon Rondo (Current)
Favourite Basketball Moment: Bird vs Wilkins – Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semis in 1988
Where are you from? Sterrebeek, Belgium
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Braden Jenks
Favourite Team: Utah Jazz
Favourite Player: Rudy Gobert
Favourite Basketball Moment: Utah Jazz beating the Lakers by 48 points, the worst loss of Kobe’s career.
Where are you from? Arizona, United States

Tuncay Ueldes
Favourite Team: No favorite Team
Favourite Player: Vince Carter
Favourite Basketball Moment: Vince Carter Sydney 2000 Dunk of Death and Kobe Bryant 2008 Bejing Clutch 4 Point Play against Spain.
Where are you from? Duisburg, Germany

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Alex Kato
Favourite Team: Toronto Raptors / 2001 Sacramento Kings
Favourite Player: Kobe Bryant/ Peja Stojakovic
Favourite Basketball Moment: It’s bittersweet, but watching Kobe drop 81 points on the Raptors/Michael Jordan stretching his arm out to beat the Monstars at the buzzer.
Where are you from? Stratford, Ontario
Extra: Video Producer/Editor

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