Steve Kerr’s Amazing Monologue On Gun Control After Texas Church Shooting

Photo Credit: Ali Thanawalla/SFBay

Steve Kerr’s Amazing Monologue On Gun Control After Texas Church Shooting


Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr has been actively speaking out for gun control for many years. Now, after the horrible shooting in a church in Texas, he voiced his opinion again.

At this latest massacre, a gunman killed at least 26 people, and serverly injured dozens more. It was the deadliest shooting in Texas history, that came just a little over a month after the Las Vegas terrorist attack that left 59 people dead.


“I have my thoughts. First, I want to just express my condolences to the people involved, the victims, the survivors, the people directly affected. It’s just awful and that’s the prevailing sentiment from all of us today. To solve it, I think we almost have to look at it like a public healthy issue. I think too often we get caught up in political rhetoric, second amendment rights, NRA stuff. It has nothing to do with partisanship or political parties. It’s got to be a public saftey issue, public health issue.

I read a great article today that talked about comparing this to the automobile industry. Apparently, in the 1950s, about nine or 10 times more people died in auto wrecks then die right now. So, what changed over 70 years? Well, saftey measures, speed limits, auto regulations, seat belts, car seats, driver’s license, registration. Making sure people deserve to drive. I mean all these things are just saftey issues and I think we have to somehow get our gouvernment to cut through all the crap and get right to the point. The point of fact which is saftey, which means a lot of things that we can do without taking away people’s amendment rights. Let’s do the sensible thing, but our gouvernment has to lead the way and they can’t just cave into the NRA just because the NRA wants to make money. They have to put the people’s saftey and health over the interest of the gun industry. It doesn’t seem like it would be that far of a stretch, but or whatever reason we’re paralyzed and we’re unable to do anything to protect our citizens. It’s disgusting and it’s a shame.”


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