Steve Kerr Says Kevin Durant Is The Most Talented Basketball Player He Has Ever Seen

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Steve Kerr Says Kevin Durant Is The Most Talented Basketball Player He Has Ever Seen


Steve Kerr, who achieved incredible success as a player and coach, was fortunate to experience working with some of the best players to ever play the game such as David Robinson, Tim Duncan, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan to only name a few.

Among the impressive list, Kerr thinks that Durant, whom he coached for three seasons, was unlike any other, appointing him as the most talented basketball player he has ever seen during a conversation with The Ringer’s Logan Murdock.


“I would say Kevin (Durant) is … when you factor in everything, size, speed, athleticism, I think he’s the most talented basketball player I’ve ever seen in my life,” Kerr said.

“It was more just a level of basketball that I’m not sure had ever been reached before.”


Durant’s signing with the Warriors made the Dubs even more dangerous the following year. They went undefeated in the 2017 Western Conference Playoffs and accomplished a gentleman’s sweep against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals of that same year.

They were dominant not only because Durant made them better talent-wise, but also because Durant showed unselfishness and willingness to submit to Kerr’s authority which ultimately allowed the rest of the team to mesh with each other seamlessly.

Despite the various issues involving Durant in his last season with the Warriors, Kerr affirmed that Durant was very coachable, consequently making an emphasis to their first year together when everybody progressed with the same mindset and attitude.


“He was very coachable. He was a sponge, especially the first year, he wanted to learn a new style,” Kerr said. “I think he really enjoyed playing the way we played, and he was really easy to coach. When a star makes it easy, for a coach to do his job, he just allows everything to click. And so, that first year, I think one of the reasons we were so dominant was because we had that dynamic across the board between Steph, Klay, Draymond, Kevin, we had it all lined up and everybody was on board and clicking, and it was a smooth ride.”


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