Steve Kerr Compares Draymond Green To Ben Wallace, Defends His Case For Hall Of Fame

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Steve Kerr Compares Draymond Green To Ben Wallace, Defends His Case For Hall Of Fame


Former Detroit Pistons defensive anchor Ben Wallace has been announced as one of the 14 finalists for the 2021 Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Without eye-popping statis, Wallace still left his mark as a champion, a multiple All-Star, a multiple All-NBA member and one of the greatest defensive players of all-time.

Amidst this story, Golden State Warriors big man Draymond Green, who draws a lot of similarities to Wallace, was asked about Wallace being named as a finalist for Basketball Hall of Fame, and his own aspirations on becoming a Hall of Famer himself.

Per NBC Sports:


“I still gotta keep building, I’m not done yet, so I got some years left to try and do some more things and hopefully add on to that resume,” Green told reporters Friday. “But I really wanna make the Hall of Fame, that’s for sure, obviously that’s one of the greatest honors in our sport, I mean any sport, to make the Hall of Fame.”

“I don’t live every day like ‘man, I wonder if they looking at me today, I wonder if they feeling it today’ I just kinda go about my day. But definitely hope to do that one day.”


After Draymond voiced out his Hall of Fame aspirations, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr made sure that he’s right there with him when discussing Draymond’s chances to make the Hall of Fame. 

In an interview, Kerr even managed to see Wallace’s career as a perfect case for Draymond’s potential Hall of Fame induction.

Per NBC Sports:


“I think the impact [Wallace] made defensively, helping Detroit win that championship in [2004], Ben became one of the greatest defensive players the league has ever seen. That matters. That leads to wins.” 


Draymond, just like Wallace, doesn’t display fancy skillset and isn’t fairly known as an offensive threat. Despite this, Kerr believes that Draymond is still has the hardware to be considered as a Hall of Fame material.


“Draymond is kind of a point forward, point center, very unique player,” Kerr added. “But I think the best way to measure Draymond is not with his stats, it’s how much he impacts winning.”

“Draymond’s body of work is incredible and when his time comes, I think people will recognize that and I think he’ll be a Hall of Famer,” Kerr said.


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