Steve Kerr Believes This Year’s Warriors Team Is Much Better Than Last Year


Following the Warriors’ 118-110 victory over the Utah Jazz, head coach Steve Kerr expressed his confidence in the team’s progression this season. Kerr highlighted the improvements in various aspects of the game.

The Warriors have shown significant growth on both ends of the court, with improved defensive rotations and offensive execution.

Unlike last year, when the team faced challenges with chemistry, this season’s squad has developed a more positive team atmosphere. Players are working together seamlessly, resulting in better ball movement and understanding.

Kerr emphasized the improved vibe within the team. The players’ camaraderie and mutual trust have contributed to their success.

Last season, the Warriors struggled with chemistry issues, finishing with a record of 44-38 and an early playoff exit. However, Kerr believes that this year’s team has overcome those hurdles and made significant strides in their development. Klay Thompson’s standout performance against the Jazz exemplified the team’s offensive capabilities, with Thompson exploding for 32 point despite tight defense.

The Warriors are now gearing up for the playoffs, and Kerr remains optimistic about their chances. Despite the tough play-in challenges, he firmly believes they can achieve something special.


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